About Us

We believe that good design and quality workmanship should be available to all and should be a part of every project. Blue Moon was started to fill the gap left by speculative builders and the big-box furniture industry. Since 2003, Blue Moon has focused on niche cabinetry and furniture, and now has expanded services to include general contracting as a way to further design continuity and quality control.


Growing up, Shawn McFaul, Blue Moon's owner worked in the field learning various trades. He was a hod carrier for a mason building fireplaces and stonework and for a commercial mason laying brick for elementary schools. He also worked as a journeyman carpenter. He then learned to design residential and commercial buildings at the University of Oregonís School of Architecture, a top ten program nationally. As he learned, he focused on connecting the design to the way people live and work; in other words, he was pragmatic, making sure that it worked in the real world, not just on paper. In his spare time, he cultivated his artistic vision by sculpting figure studies.


After college, Mr. McFaul worked for a professor who designed high-end, custom homes. Wanting to be in the field more, testing those design ideas, he and a buddy from college started a design/build company in the Eugene area. The company focused on residential remodels, including kitchens, baths, and outdoor projects, such as decks, patios, arbors and retaining walls.

In 1997, Mr. McFaul moved to the Medford/Ashland area. There, he worked for a custom builder. He worked in the field, managed projects, did design work and built cabinets in the company’s cabinet shop.

Wanting to have experience in commercial construction, Mr. McFaul took a job in 1998 with McCarthy Construction, a national builder, as a project engineer in the Portland office. He worked on the renovation of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington and the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Salem, Oregon.

Over the years, Mr. McFaul saw a niche in the market that was not met by commercial and residential construction companies or furniture stores. Neighbors, friends, and vendors asked him if he knew anyone who made well-designed furniture and cabinets that fit their unique space and style. He realized that he had the skills and experience to fill that niche. As a result, he created Blue Moon Design & Production.


With Blue Moon, Mr. McFaul brings over twenty years of design and construction experience to every project. No matter the size or scope of the project, Blue Moon is deeply committed to meeting each clientís needs with meticulous attention to detail and superb design and construction.

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