The Process

1. Listening Ė Wishes and Constraints

The project starts with the client, not with us. We believe one of our jobs is to listen closely to the client and then guide the process to achieve the best possible result. There are always constraints of some kind: budget, time, space required, etc. We like to listen to the clientís wish list and take detailed notes of the existing space (the playroom, office, kitchen, etc.). We then brainstorm with the client to identify as many solutions as we can. Next, we narrow down the solutions by taking the projectís constraints into account.

2. Ideas, Models, and Drafts

Back at the office/shop, we bring to life the first round of ideas that fit within the projectís constraints. Some of these are in the form of drawings or sketches, sometimes in samples of materials or styles. Depending on the project, a scale model may be used and in some cases a full-scale mock up will be used on-site to get the design just right. We always say that it is easier to redraw something, or even re-build the mock up, than it is to rebuild a cabinet or move a wall after itís in place.

3. Comprehensive Estimate

Depending on the project, there may be a round two of design, or even a third. Afterwards, we will give you a bid for the designed project. This bid will usually have a base price with options given for the different parts as described in the design. For example, there may be two or three different ways to layout the drawers and doors for a storage wall for a playroom. If these differences will have an impact on the price, then those will be spelled out in the bid.

4. Samples Ė Colors, Materials, Hardware

After construction starts, there are still plenty of questions. Blue Moon often uses samples to answer those questions. Color samples, door styles, trim details and hardware choices are just a few of the samples that will be provided as part of Blue Moonís services. We believe it is much easier to make a decision if you can see and/or touch the real thing rather than just look at a drawing or a picture. There are times when a sample or mock-up is not feasible but we do everything we can to make sure the client has the best possible idea of what they are getting before installation or the final delivery.

Commitment to the Environment

Blue Moon is committed to doing its part to cut down on the waste of the building industry. We use local lumber when we can, use environmentally friendly products as much as we can and strive to reduce the waste on-site. The shop is full of short pieces of wood that we store for use later on rather than throw them out. On almost every project, there are those things that can be taken to a recycler, a re-use or re-building center or donated to some organization that can use the item and Blue Moon is committed to going the extra step to make sure that what can stay out of the landfill stays out.

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