The strength of our company lies in our flexibility and competence. At Blue Moon we will design, build, or do both according to your needs.

Designer and Builder

Blue Moon gives you a full-service design center as well as a full cabinet shop behind it. This means that we will rarely design something we canít build. In the design process, if a technical question comes up, we can put on the builder hat to answer that question. Conversely, if there is a design question during construction, the whole process doesnít have to stop while we contact all the appropriate people. It saves both time and money and enables a smoother process from start to finish.

Builder Only

Some clients already have a design and just need someone to make it a reality. Blue Moon will gladly work with interior designers, architects, and capable clients, to build what others have designed. Applying years of experience in the field and shop, we endeavor to make dreams come true, working harmoniously with others to produce the best possible project.

Designer Only

Blue Moon is experienced acting as the designer only as well. There are times when a client has an idea of what she wants and has a contractor or cabinet shop already lined up, but just needs a little help getting things started. We can help.

General Contracting

As a part of Blue Moonís expanded services, we now also offer general contracting. For example, we may be called in to talk about a desk. After talking with the client, the project may grow a little to include the removal of an awkward closet, minor painting and some new lights. Instead of having to hire four or five different trades, Blue Moon can step into the role of general contractor and do all these tasks under a single contract. We, rather than the client, are responsible for identifying, hiring, and coordinating subcontractors to perform work that is outside our license, such as electricians and plumbers. In this way, Blue Moon streamlines the project, putting the client at ease and making a successful end result.

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