"Working with Shawn and Blue Moon was an amazing experience. Being able to work with an artist who could springboard from art that was already in our home and translate it into a piece of furniture was a rare opportunity for me. Really, how many people can do that?"

- Gail C.

"Shawn's craftsmanship is unbelievable. People are in awe of the table he made for us."

- Jenn and Dave H.

"Shawn's artistic ability with wood is incredible! He can design anything you dream up. I had an idea of something I wanted, and he visualized and produced three examples of units that were better than I could have imagined! I have been thrilled with Shawn's work and have hired him again and again over the years."

- Kari D.

"Shawn built cabinets for our kitchen in Montana. It was amazing that Shawn could measure and design the cabinets by talking with my husband over the phone and then have the cabinets fit perfectly when he installed them. Also, Shawn's artistic ability really plays into a lot of his work. He designed a one-of-a-kind kitchen organizer near the phone that I thought he should patent."

- Helen M.

"It has been our pleasure to work with Shawn. His designs and attention to detail exceeded our expectation. He took our out of date wall unit and created an up to date custom look. We look forward to working with Shawn on future projects."

- Bill and Denise B.

  • 7327 SW Barnes Rd., #807
  • Portland, OR 97225
  • CCB# 188040
  • t: 503 477 4965
  • e: shawn@bmdpro.com